January 25, 2011

Simple Things Excerpt Uploaded

I’ve recently uploaded an excerpt of Simple Things, an experimental film by S. Korean artist Bo Kyung Suh and soundtrack by Charles Veasey. Click here to watch it.

January 5, 2011

JavaScript Slider Puzzle Game Uploaded

I recently coded a JS / jQuery implementation of Noyes Chapman’s classic fifteen puzzle. I programmed it so that the user is pitted against the computer in that the computer shuffles the pieces in a certain amount of moves and the user must solve the puzzle in the same amount of moves or less. It has varying degrees of difficulty and can be quite challenging. The application can be played online or downloaded and is open source. Check it out here.

January 3, 2011

Hmsg Spiral Map Featured on Google Maps Mania Blog

The blog site Google Maps Mania reviewed our Hmsg Spiral Map project and named it one of the week’s best stating, “This rather beautiful map of the Capital District of New York is one of the best sound-maps that I’ve seen.”

Click here for the review.
Click here for Sunday’s Best.

December 26, 2010

Hmsg Spiral Map Now Online

I recently finalized the Hudson Mohawk Sound Gate: Spiral Map web application, and I’m incorporating it into my website. It began from a very fun day of audio/video recording around the Capital District of New York with J. Craig Tompkins. The application itself was programmed with ActionScript 3 and utilized the Google Maps API. Check it out here.